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Discussion in 'Games' started by Ralthen, May 24, 2018.


Discussion in 'Games' started by Ralthen, May 24, 2018.

  1. Ralthen

    Ralthen Tagged

    so whats peoples thoughts on the BF V reveal

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  2. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

    Oh good, another WWII game... I'll give it a miss.
  3. ReaperRSX

    ReaperRSX Tagged

    Not convince with some of the changes but quite a big shift with alllowing everyone to revive squad mates, and limitation of health regen.

    Spent £100 on BF1 and played it for a few months so doubt i'll get this sadly. Back to FAF.
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  4. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Looks very authentic to me, NOT.

    Doesn't get my juices flowing.
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  5. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    I'm not really bothered about setting or 'authenticity', but I am interested in the squad play. I don't understand how they can get it so right in BF 2142 and then completely dismantle everything that was good in the game and release Bull****Field 3, 4 and 1 which have been completely devoid of any kind of fun.
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  6. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

    What did you think of it, Ralthen?
  7. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

    Like most fps game developers, they were trying to copy COD.

    I'll be honest, this has got my interest, haven't got a battlefield game since BF3, but I do want to support the "one price, all content". But I'm just waiting for someone to do the Battle Royale genre properly and looking for a decent online multiplayer in the mean time.
  8. Eldibar

    Eldibar Tagged

    Tne new COD has got a BR mode:


  9. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

  10. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

  11. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    Everything from the release trailer from the get go has been a huge trainwreckfest and that being kind. From the political and SJW commentary to the anti consumer comments this could be the worse Battlefield game ever.

    I love WW2 games it a given but the moment I saw a frontline female soldier with a terminator 2 style arm I have been WTF ever since. And that not to do with a woman being in a game but a frontline female T2 wannabe. I am an old fashioned fuddy duddy who likes history and while I don;t expect many games to be remotely close it better than what is Dice is doing.

    Face facts people Dice have long sold out now and they are just as bad as EA machine that runs it. Even from the Alpha and beta it no longer feels like a Battlefield game. The last decent Battlefield game was Bad company 2 and that was so many years ago since we were all playing. Ea have a knack of making game developers put the final nail in the coffin. Command and conquer, Medal of honour just to name a few. I can see this being no different. Medal of honor might have not been politically correct and died a death but it didn't do the BF V and force the SJW agenda.

    I don't give a crap about playing a female character but a female character with a metal arm in WW2???? on the frontline?

    But even worse is the gameplay. I don't even know where to begin. Sure these are early days and they can fix and refine it. But with all this and the added stuff on top I might not even get this.

    And I have said this for many years just give me 2142 or BC 2 with the frost bite engine 2 graphics and that's fine.
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  12. Alexa Anthony

    Alexa Anthony Newbie

    It Awesoooommmeee!!!!
  13. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

    I can't see that ever happening, sadly. BF2142 remastered would be a dream come true but I don't think it was anywhere near popular enough to warrant it nowadays, especially given the new proclivity towards battle royale games.
  14. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    Saundie>Battle Royale games? is that games like Pubg, fortnite etc? I have never played any game which is similar to the ones you mention. The whole build anything while spraying and praying while not actually any objective other to be the last one standing is lost on me.

    I need a objective that I feels my squad or team are contributing towards a possible victory. In bf2142 it was always titan for me, Attack, defend silos and then storm the titan. It gave me purpose but I do see where are you are coming from.

    I think this year will be the first year since BF2 that I haven't built a new PC to coincide with a BF release game. The cost of admission to get into the 2080 ti and 9900k is high but I could always justify it for BF in the past. But I hate this BF V unlike any other BF game and I didn't think much of bf3 or bf 4 either. But I prefer them over what I played in the alpha or beta.

    Maybe I am overeacting and I am just jumping on the bfv hate wagon. I can see it appealing to new casual gamers to the BF franchise but for veterans like you and I it doesn't even come close not by a long margin. There are so many negatives I feels about this game that even if you corrected 1 or maybe 2 of the big concerns then the final remaining ones is enough to still put you off. And when you look at all the downsides and general negativity it has been garnering I just personally can't see the BF series that you and I love ever returning to form, it will be lucky enough survive after this let alone get the game you and all the other BFB'ers wish for.
  15. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

  16. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

    HAHAHAHA. Ok so they release it "early", after they killed the little bit of hype it had. Battle Royal mode isn't coming until March.

    Battlefield isn't anywhere near the game it was, now it's just a brand. Instead of polishing what it was and carving out it's own niche, its just a horrible copy of different games, pretending to be something different.

    I'm really just waiting for Red Dead 2 on PC at this point, and Borderlands 3. I honestly can't believe my fav game at the minute is PUBG mobile and Overwatch (although the matchmaking is cancer). I'm also getting back into GTA V, which is crazy, new games are so terrible i'm playing a 5 year old game.
  17. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    Well the intro single player was extremely short, maybe 15 min? It's ok I think, but im not hardcore :)
  18. steelsnail

    steelsnail Tagged

    nice to be playing online with MG again . are u enjoying the game m8 ?
  19. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    It's a bit of a love hate relationship most prob as most of the time it's just me would be great if we had more playing but then getting everyone in the same squad on the same server would be a problem.

    Still like going back to BF1 (looks great is 4k) as it's slower paced and the map selection is huge but when i have games like this in BF5 i love it!

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  20. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    3 BFB'ers on the same team today.

    Good to see another old timer @abgabba
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