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History Of The World In Two Hours

Discussion in 'Movies' started by DragonSVD, May 4, 2015.

  1. DragonSVD

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    Title: History of the World in Two Hours

    Genre: Documentary, History

    Director: Douglas Cohen

    Cast: Corey Burton, Elise Cantu, Robert R. Cargill

    Release Date:

    Runtime: 120

    Plot: Did you know that 1% of the white noise you see on old televisions is background radiation from The Big Bang? That the gold on a wedding ring comes from a star that exploded 5 billion years ago? And, that we're connected to the salt water of the first oceans through the water in our bodies? Our human story is actually 14 billion years old and the clues are all around us. This CGI-driven special will tell the history of our world in two hours, an ambitious story that will give surprising connections to our daily lives. From the formation of the earth and the emergence of life, to the advance of man and the growth of civilization, it’s a rapid-fire view of our unforgettable story.
  2. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    This should be a must see for anyone over 8. It does a nice job of reminding you about the basics of where we came from, how the universe, solar system and plant were created. It is like watching cliff notes on a huge encyclopedia :) The 3D effects are over stated, but the information slammed into your head is worth it.
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