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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Weetabix, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Rating: 5.00 - 2 Votes Rating: 5.00/5 - 2 Votes
    Title: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

    Genre: Comedy, Road Movie

    Director: Jeff Tremaine

    Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Jackson Nicoll, Georgina Cates, Spike Jonze, Catherine Keener, Kamber Hejlik, Jack Polick, Grasie Mercedes

    Release Date:

    Runtime: 92

    Plot: 86-year-old Irving Zisman is on a journey across America with the most unlikely companion: his 8 year-old grandson, Billy.

  2. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Can't wait to see this. I love candid camera stuff and the trailer had me in stitches :rofl:
  3. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    I haven't seen it yet but rated it 5 stars as I know I'll find out funny as fcuk.
  4. GFiSH

    GFiSH Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Heard about this, looks epic.
  5. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Went to see this last night - Awesome. At several points in the film I was in danger of passing out through lack of oxygen. A nice touch was the end credits shows some of the reactions of people when they were told it was they were in a move and the old guy was Knoxville.
  6. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Watched it the other night myself and found it funny as ****, never laugh so much as i do when watching Jackass or the associated movies.
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