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New Cpu & Mobo 4790k & Asrock H870pro4

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Olorin, Dec 13, 2014.

New Cpu & Mobo 4790k & Asrock H870pro4

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Olorin, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Olorin

    Olorin Newbie

    Hi guys,

    Have currently got an Intel i5 2500K and an AsRock Z68-Pro4 (I never over-clocked, can't be bothered lol).

    The time has come for an upgrade, and I'm looking at the Intel i7 4790k and AsRock H87-Pro4. Just wanted to know if this sounds like a good buy to everyone?

    The mobo is £61 so not a bad price I didn't think.

    I won't be overclocking (hence the H series Intel chipset, and hence the Pro4 rather than Extreme4 mobo).

    Please check I'm not mad, it's been 3 years since my last build!

    Going to buy today/tomorrow!

  2. Olorin

    Olorin Newbie

    Actually I'm trying to choose between:

    AsRock H97 Pro4 £65
    Gigabyte H97-HD3 for £67
    Gigabyte H97-D3H £75
  3. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    I would oc the 2500 and see how you get on.
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  4. Olorin

    Olorin Newbie

    No I'm definitely upgrading - got to prepare for Battlefield Hardline, GTAV and Total War etc. :)
  5. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    The Aged One speaketh many truths. I refer you here;


    You should be able to hit 4.5 on your 2500K using the presets in the BIOS. I would try that first and see how you get on. If it's no good, then spend your money upgrading, but If your 2500 struggles then I doubt a 4790 will fair much better. More graphics grunt might be a better path.
  6. Noxvayl

    Noxvayl Eligible

    If you want to prepare for new games a graphics card is your best bet. The old i5 2500K is not slow enough to require an upgrade.

    What graphics card do you have?
  7. Olorin

    Olorin Newbie

    Yep I've cancelled my order. I didn't realise how rubbish the advances in CPUs have been since I bought my i5-2500K 3 years ago!

    I'll wait for Broadwell or Skylake - whatever will bring sufficient benefits to GTA:V, Total War and Battlefield Hardline.

    I've got an EVGA GTX760 4GB, which I bought about a year ago.