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New Pc Needed

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Thrasher67, Oct 23, 2014.

New Pc Needed

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Thrasher67, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Thrasher67

    Thrasher67 Tagged

    So my PC stopped working tonight so good time to start looking for a new one. Looking for one that just for gaming on but dont have alot of money so any ideas
  2. Noxvayl

    Noxvayl Eligible

    What have you got at the moment? I suspect you don't need new everything, should be able to reuse the case and hard drive at the least and possibly the power supply depending on what you got first time round.

    £150 gets you a low end APU from AMD, not the best but it works...

    £250 will get you a decent discrete GPU and low end CPU/Motherboard/RAM, looking at low to medium settings depending on screen.

    £400 will get you a really nice GPU with mid range CPU/Motherboard/RAM

    Anything above is geekstown, where Gorkwings lives :)

    Need a budget to work to and what things you can keep from the broken machine to work out the details.
  3. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    Hmm thought I heard my name being mentioned on the net...

    Why do you have to buy a new one could you not just fault find it and then replace it for less money then getting a new setup.

    Define 'not a lot of money' as it varies from person to person. Person A could define not a lot of money to be around £300 while person B definition could be £600.

    By following some advice from the gorks you could easily trouble shoot it yourself it just the question of whether you can be assed or would you rather throw money at a new setup to 'fix' the problem.
  4. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

  5. strangely that's how I fixed my old computer worked even better afterwards
  6. tollgen

    tollgen Tagged

    what did i just watch
  7. Thrasher67

    Thrasher67 Tagged

    It the power pack i think as on Wednesday it was working fine, however when i turned it on yesterday there was no power what so ever.

    the system i have is ok just have some money so looking at getting a new one as all i do is save my money and want to spend some of it lol.

    if we work for an amount of £600 including build as i dont want to build this one what would i be looking at?
  8. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

    The internet.

    You're looking at an AMD 6300/8350 system with 760/280
  9. Noxvayl

    Noxvayl Eligible

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  10. Ralthen

    Ralthen Tagged

  11. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

    Scan G30a
    • AMD FX 8350 Black Edition, 4GHz Eight Core
    • Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P, AMD 970 Chipset
    • 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
    • 3GB XFX Radeon HD R9 280
    • 1TB Seagate 7200rpm HDD
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit & 2 Year Return to Base Warranty
    £666.05 inc VAT

    this one is nice. but slightly over your budget you set.

    I feel a bit odd recommending something without an SSD though. OS isn't that important as you can get Windows Preview (10) and it's been surprisingly solid, only issue i've had is with an AVG popup regarding its system performance scan, so you can offset that cost till late next year if you see a model without OS.