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Tank Vs Jet

Discussion in 'Games' started by Grillx, Jan 15, 2014.

Tank Vs Jet

Discussion in 'Games' started by Grillx, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Grillx

    Grillx Tagged

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  2. Grillx

    Grillx Tagged

    Turns out the guy has a whole playlist of crazy stunts.
  3. GFiSH

    GFiSH Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Impressive stuff. Need awesome timing for that.
  4. F1lthyrich

    F1lthyrich Tagged

    friendly c4 on vehicles = awesome air. Could have some fun with that by getting the anti air, into the air.
  5. Ralthen

    Ralthen Tagged

    the whip bloody hell thats timing and pure luck :)
  6. Grillx

    Grillx Tagged

    Looked like it took a bit of planning though, the number of times he must have attempted that. Myself and Ohim were seeing if we could get a bike into the air but I guess we didn't use enough C4. Totally reminds me of this.
  7. SashkaDurashka

    SashkaDurashka Private

    Haha reminds me more of this:

    That guy birgirpall has whole bunch of C4 trolling videos set in BF3. I remember pissing myself over watching those. If you do take a look at his channel please watch "I broke surgeon simulator" video as well.
  8. abgabba

    abgabba Tagged

    awesome stuff :)
  9. MiNiGuNx

    MiNiGuNx Tagged Donator

    Some of these things I wouldn't even THINK of doing, they are so well planned and carried out to perfection
  10. SCMOFO

    SCMOFO Eligible

    They have way to much time on there hand, Wish I this much time to do thing like that.