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The Heat

Discussion in 'Movies' started by DragonSVD, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    Rating: 3.50 - 2 Votes Rating: 3.50/5 - 2 Votes
    Title: The Heat

    Tagline: Good Cop. Mad Cop.

    Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

    Director: Paul Feig

    Cast: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Taran Killam, Michael Rapaport, Tony Hale, Demián Bichir, Bill Burr, Andy Buckley, Steve Bannos, Jane Curtin, Spoken Reasons, Dan Bakkedahl, Thomas F. Wilson, Marlon Wayans

    Release Date:

    Runtime: 117

    Plot: Uptight and straight-laced, FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn is a methodical investigator with a reputation for excellence--and hyper-arrogance. Shannon Mullins, one of Boston P.D.'s "finest," is foul-mouthed and has a very short fuse, and uses her gut instinct and street smarts to catch the most elusive criminals. Neither has ever had a partner, or a friend for that matter. When these two wildly incompatible law officers join forces to bring down a ruthless drug lord, they become the last thing anyone expected: Buddies.

  2. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    Watched this one yesterday. I liked the crass Boston PD vs. swave FBI partnership. At times the movie went a little overboard on being too crass, but it still worked well. I give it a 3 out of 5.
  3. code001

    code001 Tagged

    very good movie, what you would expect from a movie of this type. Not the best I've ever seen but well worth watching, I'll give it a 4 out of 5
  4. GFiSH

    GFiSH Staff Member Tagged Donator

    That's what's her face from Mike and Molly isn't it?
  5. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    think so....never watched that show, and still have no desire to :)
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