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HELP Time For A New Build, Need Help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by code001, Nov 4, 2013.

HELP Time For A New Build, Need Help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by code001, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. code001

    code001 Tagged

    * EDIT*
    New list for this bild, check this link for my current status


    Allright gents, been considering buying a new rig for a time now. current build is almost 4 years old. Been struggling with my video editing for a long time and BF4 was the nail in the coffin really.

    So here's the deal, I know very little of what is good and what is not good since I have only build one pc before so would really love some help from you guys :p

    Some things I need/want for sure...
    *when it comes to the MOBO I want it to support 64 GB RAM. Reason is that I am video editing more and more recently and even though I am pretty sure I don't need 64GB now and know I will stick with 32 for this build I want to be able to upgrade to 64 GB in the future.

    *Going to build a new rig from scratch. Only thing I intend to save from my current rig is my DVD-writer (feel no need for blueray tbh) and my harddrive which is a Samsung Spinpoint F1 640 GB (But I still intend to buy a SSD for this rig and a cheap 1 TB harddrive)

    *want this rig to have potential for upgrade in the future, hence no MOBO socket layout that is on its last leg

    *I am going to need a decent sound-card. Not that I do a terrible lot of sound-editing but one of my main projects is helping out a friend who is a music producer with music videos and that kind of thing so need this rig to be able to handle high demanding sound files. Been looking at this one: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=SC-090-CL

    *saw this coming with BF4 really so saved up some money when I've been working all summer/spring like an idiot. Hence I have a pretty decent budget that stretches around 1500 GBP

    I am going to order from a store in Sweden of course so I know prices may vary a bit from the prices in the UK, but most of you guys are a lot more in the loop than I am so would love to hear your opinion on what is the best to get. I have started to put together a list from the store I am going to buy from. I know it is in Swedish but the names are all the same so you should get a good view on what I've put together so far ;)


    Hope I am not completely out in the dark and have managed to put together something very idiotic :)
    There is no CPU cooler in that list because I have not decided yet if I should go for water cooling or traditional cooling, I'll leave it up to you guys to decide.
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  2. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Mate, I wouldn't have a clue about a 64GB machine.

    You'd probably be better off configuring something like THIS
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  3. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

  4. code001

    code001 Tagged

    haha Weets, that one is slightly over budget ;)
    Cheers Saundie, looks like a good collection you have put together.
    What CPU-cooler would you get? Kinda lost on that one @Saundie
  5. Immy

    Immy Tagged

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  6. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

  7. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

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  8. GFiSH

    GFiSH Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Beware, this thing is massive, bought it for my rig but was way too big and was touching the graphics card so I had to swap it for something else.
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  9. Immy

    Immy Tagged

    I see you've added in the Corsair h100i :thumbup: It pretty much a no brainer especially on high end systems, just make sure it fits in your chosen case! If not go for the NH-D14 Saundie mentioned

    I would recommend getting faster RAM as your CPU supports up to DDR3-1866

    Also I would recommend getting a Seasonic/ Antec PSU instead of the corsair. Something like this would be perfect:
    1 x Antec High Current Gamer 750W Modular '80 Plus Bronze' Power Supply (0-761345-06223-7) £99.95
    Total : £108.65
    (includes shipping : £7.25).


    I would also recommend an AMD r9 280x over the GTX 770 as it has better price/ performance and is newer technology and will support mantle (Battlefield 4 will be optimised for this in future also)
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  10. code001

    code001 Tagged

    going a bit over budget with this one so decided to skip the audio-card til later. Also not sure about the Corsair H100i anymore... from what I've read on reviews it is a beast when it comes to cooling, however the onboard fans are apparently very loud. Since it is more expensive than the other coolers suggested I was expecting it to be decent in volume as well... or is that incorrect? do any of you guys use the Corsair h100i? @Immy

    as it looks now when it comes to cooling I'm looking more into the NH-D14 Saundie suggested, HOWEVER I remember from my last build that those damn springs you fit the fan to the radiator was an utter bitch to fit and it wouldn't stay. But maybe they have improved that the last years or I was just a complete noob then. Need to have a look into the size as well, reed on a few reviews that both those coolers are huge and might overlap RAM-slots or similar... got a huge case as it is now though so should be ok I hope.

    also I got no clue what gfx card to go for anymore :p this the one you mentioned in an earlier post Immy? http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.aspx?sku=798717
    Big thanks for the help so far guys!
  11. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

    Almost all AIO watercoolers are equivalent to the decent midrange air coolers. The top end air coolers are normally better coolers. I only went AIO due to moving to a small ITX board/case so the mounting area is small and I can move the hot air directly to the back of the case. AIO have their place, they do some things better and some things worse. If you have a large enough case I would always pick a premium air cooler over an AIO.
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  12. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

    The NH-D14 covers the memory on both sides; only the two sockets at the front aren't completely covered. As a result, it's important to choose memory that doesn't have those stupid tall heatsinks on them. If you're not overclocking, you won't miss the heatsinks anyway. The memory I have is this but it's no good to you if you want to eventually go for 64GB.

    I have some sort of SoundBlaster Xi-Fi card, but to be blunt I've never noticed any improvement over the onboard sound. The only reason I got it was because I thought the onboard sound had died, and I didn't want to RMA the board. I don't think that sound cards are a complete waste of money, but for most people they're unnecessary.
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  13. Immy

    Immy Tagged

    The h100i is the updated version of the h100 (which is louder and worse at cooling), a lot of people recommend the h100 (you can get manufacturer refurbished ones here in the uk for £40.00 and then replace the fans with quiter ones [corsair sp120[). It will also look a lot nicer than an air cooler (if your into that thing).. My second choice would be the Noctua NH-d14 or phanteks ph-tc14pe.

    You can check if the RAM you are buying is compatible with the noctua HERE.

    Yes any of the r9 280X will be good, what resolution do you game at?

    Out of those available on Komplett id say THIS ONE or any of the high end ones (Gigabyte windforce/ ASUS matrix/ Sapphire toxic)
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  14. GFiSH

    GFiSH Staff Member Tagged Donator

    I've got a Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X. I game at 1080p with all settings on high and get about 70-80fps according to the counter in BF4 Settings. Haven't tried playing at Ultra yet. The Vapor-X is a little loud but the next model up, Toxic, is a better performer and quieter.
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  15. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    please for the love of god don;t buy all in one watercooling solutions.
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  16. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

  17. code001

    code001 Tagged

  18. ReaperRSX

    ReaperRSX Tagged

    Can't believe I missed a Gork specing thread.

    Code not sure what your budget is but going 2011 socket route is particularly expensive without huge benefits especially as your now cut back to a 3820 CPU.

    Your spending c. 7,700 on CPU/Mobo/Memory. (looks like your going for 32gig memory - any particular reason why so much?)

    If you went for a haswell build you could get 4770k CPU, 1150 socket mobo (i just bought Gigabyte UD3H so thats my recommendation) and then maybe 16 gig of Ram.

    All that would only cost 5,200 and then you've saved 2,500 to either keep or go crazy on a 290 Gfx card.

    Just my 2 penies worth.

    Just as an aside I just went through this whole decision making process and decided to go haswell (got my 4770k at 4.5ghz with the Giga board and all very happy with BF4).
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  19. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    *sniffs the air* wtf gorkel chat?

    Right where do I start? First off stop with the 32 and 64 gb malarkey. 16 gb is plenty you say you do video editing but I don;t know how hardcore you are. Without knowing that it would be hard for me to recommend to anyone getting 32 gb or 64 gb ram. You do a lot of virtualisation or video encoding for business or spend 99% of your time doing it then fine.

    But knowing you Code and don;t take this the wrong way but you play battlefield games and then make video montages which there is nothing wrong with that but you can save money in this area and spend it in other areas. I know you code and I know you well. So be sensible and don't be a Ralthen.

    I like Reapers build. Here's why...Ivybridge and haswell in my eyes are dead tech for desktop gaming. Ivybridge becuase you are going to inves in a 2011 socket which is a)at the end of it lifeline and b)the only people I can think of who benefit from 2011 socket/X79 chipset are the people who need 3x 16xpci lanes.

    I don't like has well either in desktop computing either. It doesn't offer me what I look for in a gaming platform. It more about onboard graphics and lower stock temperatures and lower power usage. For a person who won;t be overlocking then yeah maybe but for me I might as well go AMD cpu's:)

    so I like his 4770k build suggestion more than James's although he did base his suggestion on the fact you would be video editing hardcore style.

    Code, why be a Ralthen and get the h100i? Let me explain why All in one watercooling units are a very very bad idea from the get go no matter who makes them.

    An all in one unit cannot be serviced or maintained. In a traditional watercooling setup regardless of cost once in a while the system is flushed and then refilled with fresh de-ionised water and whatever colour additive. Last I heard it was like maybe every year or so although that could of changed. You cannot do this with an all in one. So over time with prolonged use it can get clogged up with algae and what not.

    Also An all in one looks like a fantastic proposition but if it fails you will have no way of telling. Unlike a traditional air cooler at least a decent one it cannot fail itself. Sure the fans could conk out and what not but unlike water rads they can run passively to a certain extent.

    Sure something like the Phantek and Noctua might not look nice and somewhat fiddly to install (personally I have a noctua) But I have got piece of mind. I could never have that with an aio cooler and I should know. I use to have the orginal corsair h50 on a i920 setup.

    About power supplies one of the most overlooked and possibly underappreciated part of a setup. People are willing to spend tons of money on motherboards, cpu, gfx cards but never give the same thought to the psu. Possibly the mentality of because it doesn't directly impact the performance of a setup then there's no need to spend in this area. I have had experience with a few corsair power supplies.

    I have to say besides the budget model one I think it was a cx300 or something like that and the ones made by seasonic and rebadged as corsair I don;t rate them.

    They are popular because they match the corsair ram and corsair case with corsair keyboards etc. Maybe I am in the minority here and I think I would be but besides their memory products and cases the rest of their line up is poorly constructed using parts I would expect to see in counterfeit designs.

    Actually I would like to show on record with the exception of some of the xfx psu's (again seasonic sourced) pc power and cooling, some other small name manufacturers that don;t get the attention that some other manufacturers get I wouldn;t stick any of them in a fairly high end gaming setup.

    So that means I will not stick coolermaster, xfx, ocz, corsair and all other manufacturers psu in my setup. Sure the low power ones are okay for a low power setup. But there is no way I am sticking that in what I would describe as a highly overclocked cpu+gpu setup.

    I think the boys have pretty much covered on specific items to get although I do gravitate to a 4770k+ Giga z87-OC +samsung green memory+corsair ax860/seasonic xseries psu.

    If money was no object or you would more oomph than the above setup could handle then i would go 4930k+asus ramage iv black+TeamGroup Xtreem LV 16GB+corsair 900d+ 2 780ti+seasonic platinum power suppply
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  20. Ralthen

    Ralthen Tagged

    Redders you making me the but of all your jokes now ??

    anyway agree with redders power supplies is something should always look at since if it faults it could serious damage you system
    heres a nice site with reviews and information on all power supplies including who manufactures them as well as some other usefull stats

    also if you do consider going water cooling consider getting stuff from either http://www.alphacool.com/index.php or
    http://www.xs-pc.com/ they both do some nice pumps resovoirs and radiators thou descent quality gear costs :)
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