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INFO Welcome To The Site - Your First Steps

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Weetabix, Nov 4, 2013.

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INFO Welcome To The Site - Your First Steps

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Weetabix, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator


    Joining a site can be quite daunting, lots of new people and etiquette to learn. But everyone here has a common interest and, hopefully, the forums reflect that interest i.e. having fun. We're pretty informal here and don't have many rules, so this post is mainly just to answer a few questions about how the website works.


    If you're here to tell us about your amazing online casino, herbal viagra or any such bollocks, then **** off.

    Introduce Yourself!

    It's good practice to say 'hi'. Start yourself a thread in the Welcome section, and tell us a bit about yourself.

    Wearing The BFB Tag In-Game

    Well, it's not a freebie. It's not exactly an ordeal to earn though. The requirements are 2 week's membership and 50 forum posts. After that we'll take a vote and, assuming no-one has any serious concerns about you're behaviour, the tag is yours.


    We run an honesty box here. Donations are completely voluntary and new members are absolutely NOT expected to donate. They are, however, encouraged from our tagged members as they're the ones who get most use out of the servers. Donators get a shiny badge which lasts for 30 days per £5 and allows you to enter...


    We occasionally hold a little raffle to say 'thanks' to those who've donated. Prizes vary, and if you're interested just click on the raffle and hit the 'Register' button. It's all auto-magic and the winner is random.


    We have one. However, if you don't make 5 forum posts within a week of registration, it will disappear until you do.

    Teampeak 3 Server

    Same rules as the shoutbox. You'll find the link to join the server at the bottom of the forum index page.
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