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Who Has A Xbox One Or Ps4?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MG, Oct 10, 2014.


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Who Has A Xbox One Or Ps4?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MG, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Thinking about getting one...
  2. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    I've also been toying with this idea.
  3. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Get both and tell me which is the better choice.
  4. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    Had the Xbox one for 6 months but with my life crisis (divorce) I embarrassed to say I never opened the box yet. Common, I bought a sports car! :) I'm a bad man :)
  5. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

    I'm totally into my steambox with 360 pads on my TV, but I do like the ps4. If I had money to burn I'd definitely pick one up.
  6. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    My kids hate the first experience with the Xbox one. Couldn't deal with their Czech accent ;)
  7. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

    Are there any exclusive games on either platform? I was under the impression that almost all games are multi-platform these days, which makes a console relatively pointless if you have a decent gaming PC.
  8. DragonSVD

    DragonSVD Professional Target Staff Member Tagged

    Difference is when you invite your mates over for gaming night. No one brings their PC, so 4 player or 2 player consols work :)
  9. SexyHyde

    SexyHyde Tagged

    The only exclusive content I am really interested in is Nintendos. Most of the PS and XB exclusive games are similar to each other or another cross platform game so you don't miss out as much as you may first think.
  10. Saundie

    Saundie Prototype Staff Member Tagged

    What type of games are suitable for two or four player gaming? I assume it's just driving and sports games? I guess that's fine, just not the sort of multiplayer experience I enjoy.
  11. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    I have both the Xbox one and PS4. I enjoy them both. But if I had to pick one hmmm I like them both but for different reasons. I will go into further details tommorrow when I have time.
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  12. BuIIyBeef

    BuIIyBeef Tagged

    My youngest has been xbox fanboi since xbox 360, but when we offered to buy him one this week for Birthday/Christmas he said he'd wait and get PS4 instead in the new year. XB One has problems running at 1080P and 60fps so i've read.

    Waiting for Redders insight with baited breath!
    Too many 'rumours & stories' flying around the school playground about both consoles are confusing the hell out of him!
  13. ReaperRSX

    ReaperRSX Tagged

    I've been toying with the idea of getting one. having a 55" tv makes we want to use it for some driving game just to see what its like.

    Come on redders spill the beans on which of your 'children' is your favourite.

    Whatever we decide we should get the same - I miss being able to drive into half of you on a track..... I mean race you guys on the track
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  14. Eldibar

    Eldibar Tagged

    I'd be interested in how they perform as media players, and what formats they'll do.

    I have a PS3, but it irritates me that Sony wont enable MKV playback on it - it's not like it couldn't handle it easily.

    So that rather colours my view of Sony product, that and the other stuff they pull.
  15. MG

    MG Staff Member Tagged Donator

    Be class if a few of us could get one so we can have racing nights again.
  16. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    So I stated I liked them or more to the effect I enjoy them for various reasons. What this means even though they both have the same primary function they do it in slightly different ways even though the end result is the same.

    So to start we need context. I bought these consoles around or close to their release dates, which mean prices, gaming bundles, release games availabilty etc. are not up to date with the current pricing etc. So If I for example quote one console being more expensive than another then it is not up to date with current pricing.

    With that being said let's assume the pricing aspect is equal and stock availability should be equal as well.

    So as far as I know they both come in around the £330 mark give or take a few pounds. So what does buy you exactly?

    When open the box of either the first thing you notice is they are quite different design approaches to their predecessors. The XB1 is more industrial looking and larger than the 360. It has lost it rounded edges for a more cleaner look. Same again for the PS4 gone is rounded top shape of the PS4 for a more level top panel with a slanted front panel.

    Both are well built but I would have to give the edge to the PS4 as the front panel of the XB1 when pressed creaks a little and there is a little bit of give not much but it is not as well built as the PS4.

    It quite a bit larger than the PS4 as well. So if space is very limited say in an av table or on a desk then certainly you would notice the difference of XB1 over the PS4. I prefer the styling of the PS4 but it styling is also it weakness which I will go into detail later on.

    I very much like the new redesigned XB1 controller over the 360 controller. As I have documented many a time I have very small child like hands. With the old 360 controller I find it way too large and therefore not comfortable to use. But with the XB1 controller I have none of those issues I had with the 360 controller. I have always gotten on with the PS style controllers since the PS1. But it does now include a touch pad although I feel it is under utilised in many games and just act mostly as an extra button.

    Also when buying an extra controller there are certain thing to take into consideration. The Xb1 controller is slightly more expensive than the PS4 controller. but it does have it plus sides.

    Anything that uses a rechargeable battery has a finite span on the number of charges it can hold before it starts to lose that charge and the time you can use it wirelessly decreases as time goes on. This applies to anything mobile phones, laptops etc.

    So while the XB1 controller is more expensive the battery can be replaced. The PS4 controller is a total sealed all in one type of deal so if the battery malfunctions for any reason you have to buy a complete new controller or just used it wired. In this day and age where most electronic goods are now wireless it hard fo rme to go back to wired controllers, wired mouse, wired keyboards etc.

    I tend to find the XB1 battery life lasts longer than the PS4 controllers. But I have two PS4 controllers so it not really an issue but then again I don't play the PS4 for a substantial amount of time.

    So when you power up the consoles both have a 500gb hard drive. And as you guys well know after using SSD for so many years it hard to go back to a mechanical drive based setup. The XB1 takes longer to boot up than the PS4 but it does have an instant on function when you get past the initial boot up. It kind of similar to PC hibernate function. When both are booted up both have very very different user interfaces.

    The XB1 has a tile based user interface based on the 360 and windows 8 tile setup. While the PS4 uses amore simplistic and direct UI. While the PS4 has a more simplistic and direct UI it depends on what you want in a console setup. While the PS4 has a very easy to use interface and very simplistic so anyone can use it, it is too simplistic for me. THere is not enough control. The XB1 offers more on screen glanceable information and when you dive further in there are more options. Some people may be put off who just want a pure and simple gaming device in which case the PS4 winds hands down no doubt. But there is more flexibility and versatility in the Xb1 setup.

    If you want a pure gaming console and nothing else then the PS4 is where it at. If you want a console which play games and can be a media center then Xb1 might be more worthwhile. Just recently Plex was released on the Xb1. So streaming stuff of your pc, portable devices etc to your Xb1 should be easy enough. Now I am pretty sure the PS4 can do some of this stuff. But I just the use the Xb1 for one main reason.

    For the most part the Xb1 is substantially quieter than the PS4. With the XB1 being almost twice the height and at least another few inches wider than the PS4, most of the Xb1 sides is venting for the fans. And with the slimline look of the Ps4 something had to be sacrificed and yes you guessed it, it was airflow.

    So anything ran on the Ps4 which puts the Ps4 under strain then the fans ramp up almost immediately. While the Xb1 does it thing without making too much of a fuss. PLay something like Killzone shadow fall on the Ps4 and it is really really loud. I will see if I can shoot some vids after work for comparison. I never expected the Ps4 to be so loud. But then again what do you expect from slimline device. That's why I feel the Xb1 is a better media console than the PS4 as well as having Plex and what not. The Ps4 has very very limited apps for it although it does have Netflix and a very very bad built in web browser.

    And while the Xb1 does not have a substantial amount of apps for it. I find the apps it does have is more relevant for me than the Ps4.

    So as said earlier both have 500gb mechanical hard drive built in. But what happens if this is not enough or the slow speed of a HDD in relation to an SSD is too much to take. Well both devices have a clever way of getting round it just depends how you want to do it.

    The Ps4 has a top cover which slides just right off and you can easily access the HDD. You can swap it for an SSD or a hybrid drive. SSD is more expensive than the hybrdi drive option but is the fastest. Hybrid drive has a larger capacity, cheaper than SSD and not much slower than a SSD but still being a vast improvement of mechanical HDD drives. But that does mean you have to reinstall the Ps4 operating system back onto it. Kinda like reinstalling windows on a new pc or an existing one.

    The Xb1 you cannot replace the HDD but what you can do is get a hard drive caddy stick in your choice of SSD or hybrid drive and connect it to the XB1 USB 3.0 and it will detect it automatically. From there you can migrate your games etc to the SSD or hybrid drive as built into the Xb1 operating system there is an option to migrate files from the Xb1 to the external drive automatically.

    What we are left with is the gaming aspect of the consoles. There is a big fuss of XB1 running at only 900p compared to the PS4 running at 1080p. Now personally and it just me I really don't feel when I play a game on the Xb1 that I should of got it on the Ps4. I never buy the same games for both consoles. I buy single player games for the Xb1 and for multiplayer games I get the it on Ps4 as my brother has the Ps4 as well.

    So why have a console if I have a PC? Because on game exclusives it will be released on consoles before a PC. Most game exclusives on consoles do not typically get released on the pc for about 6-12 months. And as most people know it mostly a straight port. Only rare is it that a game exclusive that originated on a console is released with the PC getting better content, graphics etc.

    With that being said there is a drop in quality compared to a high end pc mainly AA aspect of gaming but it not too bad once you get use to it and also you are playing for a gaming console which has a longer shelf life and lower initial cost outlay than your gaming pc. I would rather have a gaming console than have a poor gaming pc.

    Also there is one aspect of gaming consoles you can not deny. Taking the controller V Keyboard/mouse setup out of the equation every one has the same setup. When you play against someone else online you are playing on level terms. I.e just pure skill, awareness comes down to it. You are not getting beat by a player who has 980 gtx sli with a hex core processor and 32gb ram on a 4k dell monitor. You are getting beat with the same hardware, same controller it. Hardware advantages are taking out of the equation pretty much altogether.

    I have a feeling if a group of us got together and just played the games what we used to do a few years ago it could be fun. Battlefield gaming can no longer sustain us that much is apparent (unless of course they released bf2142 2014 edition then I will renounce consoles) But I would love to game with you fine people again even if it not on PC.

    I will try and get some pictures up of the setup in action when I finish work later today.

    As for which one you guys should buy I couldn't possibly answer that. I enjoy them both just for different reasons.

    Thanks for reading.
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  17. ReaperRSX

    ReaperRSX Tagged

    Thanks for the post Redders. Gotta laugh at the time it was done. Dont think many of us were up at that point.

    Think I'm going to see how much time the new Football Manager takes up as no point getting console to then spend all my spare time on PC doing FM.
  18. Weetabix

    Weetabix Staff Member Tagged Donator

    We need to decide what games we're gonna play, before we decide on a platform.

    I reckon the Bone is probs better for 'exclusive' titles with Gears of War, Halo and Dead Rising et al. But if we're playing multi-platform releases, then the PS4 will likely be a better choice........ except for this;

    For me, this is a major negative and out-weighs the Bone's (comparatively) **** GFX.

    Neither platform gets (or loses) any Weetabix points for media as they're both pummeled by pretty much anything else you'd care to stick under your telly, even a £20 raspberry pi.
  19. ReaperRSX

    ReaperRSX Tagged

    I'm pretty much where you are Weets. The threat of a noisey console is quite off-putting after having older PCs which made a racket (although not the end of the world).
    On media I doubt I'd use either as I have streaming/internet already setup on my TV via alternative tech.
  20. GoRedwings

    GoRedwings Tagged Donator

    I mean a noisy PS4 is not the end of the world. I mean some people don't think it is loud or maybe I am just an ass for being picky about noise. I mean I do have the TV on fairly loud or headphones on so it not too bad. If there is a fairly large groups of us then the PS 4 would be better.

    Weets>Sure the PS4 does have a slight edge in graphics over the xb1 but unless you had both side by side and really look for it then it not a big deal. And if you were hung up on graphics then you would;t really get a console you stick with pc gaming.

    So what it comes down to is this simple observation. If you want an all round console which will fit in with your lifestyle with streaming, gaming, media console etc the xb1 in my opinion ticks all of those boxes more so than the Ps4.

    If you want to spend every night gaming with the BFB boys pure and simple then the PS4 has no peers. A PC or mac for that instance as good as it is in flexibility and versatility cannot match a Ps4 in relation for pure gaming. You want a hassle free gaming experience then the PS4 is as good as it gets.

    £330 gets you a gaming platform which no there can match in terms of what you are getting for the money or how long that gaming platform will last. The biggest companies in console i,e Micrsoft and Sony has always had a console which lasted at least 3 years.

    How many hardcore pc gamers can safely day that they had the same specced PC since 3 years ago? Not many. And if they did it sure as hell did not not cost them £330.

    Whether you like or dislike console gaming it what drives the market and it is the driving force behind gaming design/production. The days of PC as a primary driving force for game design/market is long over. I don't like it but it is what it is.

    I don't want to play bf2142 2014 edition on the xb1 or ps4, I want to play it on my pc. But bet it comes out on consoles first before the PC.

    Have taken a few pics and will upload them.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2014